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Custom Lenses and Eyeglass Repairs


Discover Your New Destination for Signature Prescription Eyeglasses

Whether you’re looking for stylish new glasses or simply planning to switch the lenses of your favorite frames, My Lens can definitely help you! Our staff takes the time to listen to our clients, so we can make sure we provide the right products or services that best address your unique optical needs.


Elevating Eyewear

Our company is composed of highly trained and talented specialists with a keen eye for design. We match our clients with premium quality frames, lenses, and contacts that suit your specifications and preferences.

Our Mission Statement

To help people save money by repurposing their own frames.

Custom Contact Lenses

Get subtle eyewear that doesn’t compromise your vision from us. We’ve got a great selection of premium-grade contact lenses that are as safe as they are convenient.

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Comprehensive Optical Service

Our team completes exceptional eyeglass repairs and parts replacements that ensure long-lasting results. Trust that we use only the highest quality components to fix up your favorite stylish specs. Ships FAST and FREE.


Upgrade Your Eyewear Now

For more optical products and services, reach out to our team here in Henderson, Nevada.