Frequently Asked Questions

Simply send it back within 30 days with tag and accessories for full store credit. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase! Love-it-or-return-it! Simple and easy! A one-time free exchange of equal or lessor value will apply to your return. Example: Spend $100 receive $100 in store credit!

Most insurance companies will have a super easy form to fill out. We have arranged links from the major companies to help make it even easier. Find the link, fill out the form, send/mail your receipt, get paid, it’s that simple. Make sure your insurance company has out-of-network benefits before purchasing.

This is what really makes us stand out from the rest! Find your contact lenses, pick the quantity, upload a copy of your current prescription, and pay. Our team will make sure the brand you selected is what is written and send them to you fast and easy. In some rare cases, we may have to verify your prescription with you.

Hmm. This will require a few hoops to jump through. But no worries! First, we will contact you to make sure you didn’t order the wrong lens by mistake, or if your doctor is allowing you to change the brand/power etc. We will then need to contact your eye doctor and verify that it is ok for you to make this change. It is HIGHLY recommended that you only order and wear the contact lenses that your doctor has prescribed.

This one’s a little sticky! Contact lenses are not eligible for credit or returns. It’s kind a like buying a bottle of aspirin and then returning it to the pharmacy. Personal items like these are not allowed to be resold once a consumer has handled them. We have many checkpoints that we must go through to ensure you are receiving the contact lenses as ordered and or prescribed by your eye doctor.

ANSI stands for: American National Safety Institute and Z87. 1 is the name of the safety standard pertaining to safety eyewear. For a style to be ANSI Z87.1 compliance, that particular eyewear has to pass a series of stringent tests ranging from the optical quality of the lens to impact resistance of the frame. For a style to be ANSI Z87.1 compliance, those eyeglasses have to be tested by an accredited third party company and pass all pertinent tests.

The answer is no. Any/all Polycarbonate-made material would have BPA in it. It acts as a solidifying agent so that the plastic doesn't stay too soft. This is present in any polycarbonate lenses in our products.

BPA is mostly used in plastics and food can lining. It affects female reproductive system thus it is mentioned in the ubiquitous Prop 65. As long as you don't eat or consume more than a hundred lenses at one time, the level of BPA in our product should not affect your reproductive system. Of course, we do not condone or recommend anyone eating/consuming anything made of polycarbonate.

Prop 65 warning is not enforced in all states. However, at we feel you should know the facts. Know the facts PROP65.,are%20released%20into%20the%20environment.

Simply upload an image of your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription to your order or select to send your prescription to us later. If you’ve already placed your order, send an email with an uploaded image of your prescription, order # and name of patient. (we’ll figure it out)
You can also email a copy to prescriptions to: