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Send us YOUR Frame and Save Even More!

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Ship, Replace, SAVE MONEY!


Replacing the lenses in your own frame just got a whole lot easier! Once received, we will treat your eyewear with the utmost care and respect. Simply: Send us your frame with a copy of the invoice at the end, and we will replace the worn lenses with your new prescription!

Our Opticians are just as happy to make you a new pair as we are repurposing your own frame! We realize that it’s just not possible to carry every frame on planet earth, and sometimes we find ourselves partial to a particular style of frame. Please note** we will treat your personal eyeglasses with as much care and respect as possible! (some frames will fatigue and get brittle with age, environment, wear, and manufacturing inconsistencies)   In the event the frame should break during shipping or processing, we may not be held responsible.

After carful completion and inspection of your order, they will be placed in a hard case (if possible) inside a durable box along with a case, cloth and cleaner. Send us YOUR Frame and Save Even More!


Shipping:             Free shipping anywhere in the continental US.






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Use My Frame!

Sending my own frame.

1 review for Send us YOUR Frame and Save Even More!

  1. C. Hilliard

    I was a little skeptical about sending my frame, though it wasn’t an expensive frame. I got it back pretty fast (9 days) I love the quality of the lens and, ar coating. The cleaning cloth is really nice as well. I wish I would’ve tried the transitions. I live in an area that is a bit rural, so was a real life saver. Thank you all

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